blog: 6 Apps Recommended by To Help You Pack Appropriately for Your Next Vacation

After making travel arrangements like your hotel, car and flight, you have some important things to do. Now you have to make an itinerary with fun activities or business meetings and most importantly, pack. Even the most organized planners can forget to add something to their list and find themselves on a trip missing that crucial item. Luckily, there’s an app for that. App developers make various apps periodically to help with everyday tasks. Packing for a vacation can be stressful, especially when packing for multiple people. Many apps can be integrated with others and auto-populate information based on your destination and activates. They can also pull weather information for your travel dates to ensure you pack weather-appropriate attire. Some apps are available for free while others have paid versions. Any apps that have a charge are usually under five dollars and also offer a free version with fewer features. has compiled the following list of the best apps to help you pack.

  1. Packing Pro

Packing Pro has pre-made templates and lists you can use to create your own custom travel list. It has lists from documents and toiletries to accessories and medicine. The app will also populate lists based on who and for how long you will be traveling. It can also find the destination weather and give suggestions on appropriate attire. You can share and sync the list with other travelers and devices. The app currently costs $2.99 to download, which is worth it for frequent travelers who need help planning and packing.

  1. Packing Planner Pro loves the sharing and iCloud syncing features. It also sends out reminders. The app ensures you don’t forget anything before your trip. You can share lists and information with your travel companions with the share option or by printing your list. This app also comes with a small price tag.

  1. Trip List

Trip List has many integrations making this app the top of any travel list. You can make several list styles and you can then re-use them for other trips. Let’s say you have recurring business trips and you need the same items each time. Simply make a template and re-use it for each trip. Trip List offers cloud sync so you can access your list from all your devices. Trip List is also integrated with TripIt and can detect a new trip that requires some packing help. loves the customization options of the app and the added backup features. You can also have multiple users, so include the entire family on one trip and make sure everyone has the essentials. The app has a free and paid version.

  1. Packpoint

Packpoint is a favorite because it compiles lists for you depending on your destination, weather and activities. You just add the dates and location of your travel and the app does the rest. It will populate a packing list based on added activities like business meetings, a fancy dinner or swimming. Of course, you can edit the list and remove unnecessary items or add missed ones. If you’re traveling in a group, share the list and help your friends pack. Packpoint is a free app.

  1. PackMeApp

The PackMeApp is a simple app that allows users to create their packing list based on categories and relevance. Users can browse through items and quickly add them to their list or add custom items. You can organize your list into categories and customize them with different backgrounds.

  1. Pack the Bag

This app breaks your packing necessities into categories. It also gives you reminders when you need to start packing. You can add custom items to your list like directions and hotel information. Sharing is important so share your packing list with family and friends who are coming with you.  There are both a free and paid version of the app. This app is simple, yet to the point and has no complexities.