Hotels vs. Short-Term Rentals: A Comparison by

There are various accommodations across the world. No matter where you decide to travel, there is a good chance that there are a handful of hotels and motels from which to choose. You can find somewhere to stay by searching a specific price range, a neighborhood or included amenities such as use of a pool or a gym. Advancements in technology have created different options when it comes to accommodations that have revolutionized the industry. The team at explains the benefits to these new short-term rental options and how they compare to traditional hotel and motel accommodations.

Save Money

Short-term rental services such as Airbnb or VRBO allow individuals to search through an internet database of available short-term rentals for their vacations. People list their homes or even extra rooms within their homes on Airbnb, which makes it a unique accommodation experience. Choosing to stay in someone’s home can be a lot cheaper than booking a hotel room, and you usually get more space than any hotel accommodation can provide. Staying in someone’s home usually provides you with use of a kitchen, and this can allow you to save on food expenses during your trip. The experts at know booking a vacation can be expensive, and using an online short-term rental system may be a great option for you.

Stay With a Welcoming Host

Using an online rental database like Airbnb gives you a more personal travel experience. You can look through the profile of every host before you book your stay. This allows you to get comfortable with who you will be staying with, and it can take some of the stress out of traveling. The team of experts at know that you take a vacation to relax, and staying with someone who welcomes you into their home with open arms can make the experience even more rewarding. Although most of the time your host will be amazing and accommodating, some prefer the reliability of staying in a hotel. The informality of being just another face can be nice for someone just trying to get away, and it doesn’t hurt that your bed will be made every day by hotel staff. It’s all about what makes you comfortable, no matter what accommodations you choose.

Rent in a Desirable Area

You can have a life-changing vacation by using an online short-term rental service. You can find a room to stay in inside of a castle or on a beautiful island through the Airbnb database. The price of these unique accommodations would be astronomical through a luxury hotel or via a resort. You may be able to find a spare room in a home or an apartment directly downtown in a major city, and this will save you on transportation costs. Being at the center of it all can be expensive through traditional vacation methods; using Airbnb or VRBO allows you to stay somewhere untraditional. Short-term rental services through the internet have changed how people travel, making it more affordable and more personable than ever before. No matter how you choose to travel, you can find a place to stay in a variety of ways to suit your needs.