How far in advance should you plan a trip to Asia? Provides Answers

International travel requires more extensive planning than domestic trips. A domestic vacation can be planned a month or two before the departure date while international vacations need six to nine months of planning. This is due to added precautions and documentation needed like passports and vaccinations. There are so many things to consider when traveling to Asia like time of year to go, visas, getting around and accommodations. The biggest delay and requirement for international travel is having a passport. Obtaining a passport is simple but does take some time, ranging between six to eight weeks at minimum. If you don’t currently hold a passport, add two months to the planning process. The following sections compiled by the experts at, contains tips for planning your trip to Asia.

Things to Prepare encourages travelers to make an appointment with their primary doctor and discuss any vaccinations needed for their trip. Each country comes with its own risks and a doctor can best advise you on how to prepare. Some routine vaccines are measles, mumps and rubella. Vaccinations are optional but highly recommended. Vaccinations will be administered weeks or months in advanced to be effective. Another good idea is to purchase travel insurance for any mishap on the trip.

Visas are important and in some countries, you will be stranded without one. Visa rules are always changing and travelers will need to constantly check to ensure they meet all requirements. Some countries will give you a travel visa upon arrival. advises travelers to plan for all scenarios by taking photos and making copies of your passport, ID card, medical cards, contacts and itinerary. Keep the photos on your smart phone or email them to yourself. Print a paper copy and keep it in a safe place if possible.


In contrast to domestic flights which drop in fares, the experts at have found that international flights don’t drop from their original sale price. International fares have a flat rate until 90 days prior to the departure when they begin to increase. Asia specifically has the lowest fares 318 days prior to departure. This means travelers will book a flight almost a year in advance to get the best rate. If traveling during the summer, booking a flight early is crucial because the summer is the high season for tourism to Asia. Ways to get around in Asia range from country to country, with buses, minibuses, boats and trains being some of the various forms modes of transportation available. Adventurous travelers like to find alternative lodging when they know they will spend more time exploring than sleeping. This also frees up money to spend on other activities.

Travel Itinerary

Always be realistic with your travel itinerary especially if you plan to visit various places in Asia. Work with the amount of time your going to be staying. Don’t plan too much and be disappointed when you can’t get to everything. Instead, advises you to focus on must haves and plan for those and add other items if you have time. Your itinerary should be planned after you have found accommodations. Some attractions require that tickets and reservations be paid for far in advance. Make sure to do some research before finalizing your itinerary. An important thing to remember is when traveling to multiple locations is not to double back. Don’t be scared to change and go off schedule, the goal is to enjoy yourself on your trip and do what you enjoy.