4 Bike-Friendly Countries TravelPreCheck.org Recommends for Bicyclists

travelprecheck.org blog: 4 Bike-Friendly Countries TravelPreCheck.org Recommends for Bicyclists

Whether you are planning a move to another country or you are researching a trip abroad, getting around by bicycle is often a convenient and affordable transportation option. However, not all countries are bicycle-friendly, and it is important to do your research ahead of time to ensure that biking is a safe and acceptable transportation method. For instance, countries such as Japan, Norway, Rwanda and the United States are all easy to navigate by bicycle. However, countries such as Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt are all best traveled by motorized vehicle. To help you find the most bicycle-friendly countries around the world, the experts at TravelPreCheck.org have put together a comprehensive list to assist you while you plan your move or trip abroad.

#1 Japan

Japan is an excellent country to navigate by bicycle, as long as you make yourself aware of the rules of the road before heading out on your bike. For instance, cyclists must ride their bikes on the left-hand side of the road, and offenses such as biking while under the influence of alcohol or failure to stop at a stop light could result in criminal convictions like prison time. According to the group of experts at TravelPreCheck.org, the best areas in Japan for bicycling include the Japan Alps, the Noto Peninsula, Hokkaid?, Shikoku and Ky?sh?.However, public transportation is an available option as well. Bicyclists can use a bicycle-carrying bag to carry their bikes onto a bus or train if they need a break from pedaling.

#2 Norway

According to the team at TravelPreCheck.org, Norway is an ideal cycling destination for travelers. Whether you enjoy road cycling, tour cycling or mountain biking, Norway has cycling options for any type of cyclist, experienced or not. The best cycling regions in Norway include Northern Norway, Fjord Norway, Trysil and Valdres. For the best possible bicycling experience, the expert team at TravelPreCheck.org highly recommends cycling through Suleskarvegen, the Fjord Coast, the Helgeland Coast, the Lofoten Island and the Atlantic Road. Furthermore, experienced bicyclists can take the Sognefjell route from Røros to Hardanger or the Numedal route from Larvik to Kongsberg to Geilo.

#3 Rwanda

According to the group at TravelPreCheck.org, Rwanda is another country that is ideal for bicyclists. Tourists who need to travel shorter distances between cities can do so by bicycle, motorcycle, motorcycle taxi, or by foot. Since Rwanda is home to low levels of traffic, stunning beauty and roads with wide shoulders, bicyclists can travel safely and cost-effectively without the need for a car rental or private taxi. Additionally, attractions such as the Congo Nile Trail are perfect for navigating by bicycle. Hikers can expect to complete the 141-mile trail in 10 days, but visitors who travel the Congo Nile Trail by bike will reduce the 10-day trip by more than half.

#4 The United States

Not all parts of the U.S. are best traveled by bicycle, but many major cities throughout the country provide cyclists with bicycle lanes, bike-sharing programs and nature trails with breathtaking views. For instance, major cities such as Minneapolis, Portland, San Francisco, New York City, Detroit, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Boulder, Austin and Chicago are all bike-friendly cities throughout the U.S. Bicyclists who wish to ride outside of cities can take advantage of the many available nature trails as well. For example, Portland’s Forest Park or Manhattan’s Hudson River Greenway are excellent routes to travel by bicycle. Other top biking destinations in the U.S. include the trails at Boulder’s Walker Ranch (Colorado), the Lance Armstrong Bikeway in Austin (Texas) and San Diego’s Balboa Park (California).