blog: How to Stay Fit While Traveling: Suggestions From

A vacation doesn’t have to mean weight gain and laziness. There are small tips and tricks to keep you fit while you travel and most don’t require much effort. We’ve all been there, we have our daily diet and workout regime, then it’s time for a vacation and our schedule goes out the window. When you get back home, the scale scares you and the gym seems foreign. It doesn’t have to be that way, however. No one wants to spend their entire vacation worrying about what they’re eating and finding time to exercise. The team at has some good news for you, you can stop stressing and use the following tools to stay fit while traveling. Grab your shoes, some water and get active on your vacation.

Basic Activities

When traveling and wanting to avoid the gym, the best thing to do is ride a bike and sign up for walking tours. This gets you moving while still enjoying your trip. You won’t even realize your exercising. If you have time, perform a basic strength training routine that you can do in the park or even in your hotel room. Incorporate lunges, squats, pull ups and push-ups so every important muscle is used. Be creative when traveling, especially when abroad. Look for fun classes that get you moving like a one day salsa class or a hike up a mountain. Use the resources around you and make exercising on vacation fun.

When getting around, suggests you walk or rent a bicycle for the day. Stay away from grabbing a taxi or renting a car for the entire trip. Pack a couple of item for a quick work out like a jump rope. It takes up barely any space and gets you moving. The most important part of getting some exercise is bringing along some sneakers. Of course, you don’t need sneakers to exercise but without them, you may make excuses and not even attempt a workout routine. It is highly unlikely that you will want to walk around in dress shoes or high heels to get a workout, so it is best to just add sneakers to your packing list.

Food Choices

When we go on vacation, we seem to let go of our normal diet a little but this is what sets travelers back the most. A bad diet can’t be repaired with extensive work outs or extreme weight loss diets when you get back home. advises travelers to eat real food, avoid soda, don’t spend time counting calories and do the best that you can. You’re on vacation and you shouldn’t stress but try to maintain your normal eating habits as much as possible. You also want to try new foods on your trip, so aim for 80 percent of your meals to be healthy and let go of the rules for the other 20 percent. An example would be eating a healthy breakfast and lunch but indulging in a decadent meal at dinnertime.

An often over-looked cause of weight gain on a trip is alcohol including wine, liquor and beer. suggests you take your time with consuming these liquid calories. Choose light beers in moderation and always drink a glass of water between each alcoholic beverage. Drinking water is key in keeping you hydrated especially in warmer climates. Drink lots of tea because it gives you energy, has antioxidants and helps with digestion.

Many hotel rooms have a mini fridge where you can store food and drinks: use it. Stock up your fridge with small snacks and groceries so you’re not constantly looking for a restaurant or store for a quick bite to eat.

Use the Fitness Center has found most hotels have in-house fitness centers for guests to enjoy. Which is exactly what you should do. If you typically go to the gym, use the hotel gym. This is even more convenient for some because you don’t have to drive anywhere. Workout as soon as you wake up, the rest of the day will be packed with exciting activities and you won’t have time or energy to workout. Exercising in the morning boosts your energy and gets you motivated for the rest of the day.