blog: 9 Steps to Create the Perfect Travel Itinerary According to Experts

Planning a trip can be fun, exciting and sometimes stressful. When traveling, it is a good idea to make an itinerary of everything that you plan to do. If traveling for business, schedule all business activities first and then any extra time can be used for down time or sightseeing. Be sure to note all addresses and travel time between locations. The first and last things advises travelers to do is book and confirm the lodging and flight information. Use the following steps to help build your itinerary:

  1. Travel Details

The most important part of creating a travel itinerary are the travel details like flight, rental cars and hotel information. This is crucial information for any trip. You can plan all the events and itinerary around these details. Make sure to find a hotel near tourist areas so you don’t find yourself in an unsafe neighborhood which could end up costing you more than money.

  1. Add Essentials

Next up, advises you to add must haves like restaurants and historic sites you can’t leave your destination without seeing. Also, make sure that if it is a popular site, you secure tickets before putting the excursion on your itinerary. For instance, the Statue of Liberty has a six-month waiting list to go inside.

  1. Be Realistic

Travelers often want to see everything they can during their short time at their destination. However, you must be realistic about your expectations. Between jetlag and time differences, along with travel and wait times, you may not have the time to see everything you want.

  1. Sightseeing

Look for exciting sightseeing opportunities and add them to your itinerary. Also, research the average time spent at each site to have sufficient time to see it all. Prioritize sites you’re not willing to miss over sites you are.

  1. Find Tours

An option that can incorporate all major iconic sites is finding a site seeing tour. These tours will take you around many of a city’s major attractions. suggests looking for hop on, hop off tours. These tours will take you to a location and allow you to hop off and spend some time at the site and then hop back on the bus to continue to the next location. Note: You will not get to hop off at every location but you do get to see all the city has to offer.

  1. Ask for Recommendations

Before planning a trip, ask friends, family and coworkers for restaurant and must-dos. Travel agencies will advise travelers of general tourist attractions. They may not have traveled there and know of the hidden gems the city must offer. Your friend may have found a secret local restaurant that is well-known for their delicacies that isn’t on a travel guide. You can even ask your friends on social media for recommendations.

  1. Down Time

You’re on vacation and you obviously want to relax and enjoy at some point. Add this on to your itinerary. Don’t fill your schedule with back to back activities to the point where you get stressed out instead of enjoying. advises travelers to spend the first day of their trip relaxing and taking in the local scenery. Check out the hotel restaurant, spa or pool. Relax and get used to the local time and weather. Then, after you have refreshed, begin the fun activities the next day.

  1. Map it out

After deciding on where you want to be and what you want to do, make sure you map it out. Use a map and calculate the distance each activity is from your hotel. This will help with deciding what takes priority and how much you can do each day. There can be a must-do that is an hour away while there is another that is walking distance. You may choose to get tickers to the farther location and pop in on the closer one in your downtime.

  1. Make Copies

Once you have completed your itinerary, make copies and make sure everyone in your party has one. Keep a few for yourself in case you misplace one. Color code it and verify all the information is correct. The team suggests travelers not be stressed about going off the itinerary, you’re on vacation after all.