blog: 8 Things Says You Should Know Before Traveling to Prague

Prague is a beautiful city with beautiful people and it has become a top tourist destination in Europe. When traveling to a new destination especially a foreign one, travelers will need to do some research about their culture. has found some common things travelers wish they had known before visiting Prague. Consider these tips when planning your trip.

  1. Prague has Ten Districts

The team has found that most tourists visit Praha 1 and Praha 2 and believe they have seen all Prague has to offer. However, there are eight other districts left untouched with so many things to see and explore. Praha 2 and Praha 3 have various pubs, bars and the Reigrovy Sady park for you to enjoy. Explore the various neighborhoods to get a real feel of  life in Prague.

  1. Growing Pains reminds travelers that Prague is still growing into its new-found tourist status and has a few kinks to work out. When in a crowded area, be careful of pickpockets and ladies of the night. Ladies will need to mind their purses and not leave them unattended. Never give your passport to anyone.

  1. Learn Czech

Since Prague was not a tourism destination for many years, locals don’t know much English unless they are directly involved with the tourism industry. You can get along with not knowing any Czech, but try to learn a few words to get around especially when leaving the main tourist areas. Start with basic words like thank you, good day and other pleasantries.

  1. The Weather

Prague has extreme conditions, when it’s hot, its hot and when it’s cold, it’s very cold. Make sure to pack appropriately and always take a raincoat.

  1. Service has found that the service is not the most important thing to local businesses. They see you as a guest in their place of business and don’t feel the need to go out of their way or take complaints about less than superior service. You should complain for horrible or lack of service, however.

  1. Tipping

In Prague, you shouldn’t tip more than 10 percent, tipping more can be seen as rude or pretentious. Waiters make a living wage as do bartenders. Taxi drivers and bartenders don’t need to be tipped while in Prague. Check to make sure a tip hasn’t already been added to your bill and hand the tip to the waiter instead of leaving it on the table.

  1. Manners

Prague residents are blunt, to the point and don’t waste time on small talk. Don’t take this personally as it is part of their culture. When they ask a question they genuinely want to know the answer. Czechs don’t have the issue of needing a ton of personal space like Americans do.

  1. Taxis

Unlike the U.S., a taxi in Prague doesn’t have a set rate and you must negotiate your fare. Agree on a fare before you depart or call taxi from your hotel instead of hailing one on the street. Taxi drivers don’t require tips so keep that in mind when using their service.