blog: 6 Tips From on How to Find Good Eateries While Traveling

Eating usually happens three times a day and in a foreign location, travelers may find this an added stress on their trip. Where do I eat? and How do I know what they offer? are common questions amongst travelers. When on vacation you want to try something new and not get caught in a tourist trap. The key is doing your research before visiting an eatery and not being scared to explore. The team has some tips for finding good eateries on vacation in the following sections.

  1. Culinary Walking Tours

A great way to experiment and try different local dishes is by signing up for a culinary walking tour. You get small samples of dishes which give you a better idea of restaurants you want to try later. You also get to know the area and meet new people. While on the tour also take advantage and ask the tour guide and any locals you have the chance of meeting for unique recommendations.

  1. Ask for Recommendations

You can get a recommendation from a variety of different people. First try asking friends and family or people who you know that have traveled to your destination. There may be a co-worker or social media contact that has been there and found an incredible eatery off the beaten path. Getting to know the locals helps a lot too. They live there and can give a better recommendation than someone at a travel agency. Cab drivers, as well, have a wealth of untapped knowledge of local food spots and which are open late.

  1. Local Publications

Before you travel, advises you to research local publications that feature the city’s hot spots and hidden gems. Papers and magazines have restaurant reviewers who try new places every week and visit old ones periodically. They also have chef recommendations which go a long way. Wouldn’t you want to know where local chefs go to eat when they aren’t working? Also, look in the hotel lobby for suggestions and discount pamphlets. You may even be able to have food delivered. The hotel itself will also have on site eateries to check out.

  1. Check Blogs

If you currently follow food blogs, look for articles about the destination of your vacation. Chances are, if you enjoy their blog, then you will also enjoy their food recommendations. This also applies to travel show hosts, they live their life trying new dishes. They try several places on location but only feature the best, whether it be a large or small establishment. Bloggers also add photos that aren’t staged, giving you a patron’s view.

  1. Check Food Apps advises travelers to download apps that give reviews and food suggestions. Many of these apps will have suggestions from other travelers and patrons. You can also find when the best time to eat is and the best food on the menu. Users will also find restaurant information like times and reservations. Travelers will find that food apps can have a lower star rating than the restaurant advertises because these are given by patrons and not food critics.

  1. Look for Lines

Most people see long lines as a downside or reason to not visit a restaurant, but has found that when traveling, a long line can actually mean a great restaurant opportunity. Don’t just jump right in line, make note and do some research for a better time to come back. After all, these lines are full of locals who can afford to wait some time for food and not visitors who are only there for a few days. Lunch hours and dinners hours are probably not the best times to try a new restaurant. Keep in mind that a long line full of tourists can be a tourist trap so look only for long lines full of locals.