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Our team has compiled all the information you need to get TSA PreCheck-approved in one easy-to-use guide. For $23.98, you'll get all the details you need to breeze through the application and screening processes, and you'll get access to rewards and travel coupons.

Denial from the TSA Precheck Program

When travelers apply for TSA PreCheck status, there are several mandatory steps to follow leading up to their approval. TSA PreCheck requirements include: filing a complete TSA PreCheck application form, scheduling a TSA PreCheck interview at a nearby enrollment center, providing required documents (proof of U.S. citizenship as well as valid government ID), having fingerprints taken, passing a required background check and paying the TSA PreCheck cost of your five-year membership. However, TSA PreCheck eligibility is a major factor to consider prior to undergoing the application process, as a whole. If you note that your TSA PreCheck enrollment may be questionable, it is possible your airport security membership application will get denied. First, review the factors that may result in your TSA PreCheck program denial. Continue below to read more about:

  • Reasons for TSA fast pass denial.
  • How to file a TSA Pre-Check appeal.

TSA PreCheck Status Disqualifications

If you are wondering how to get TSA PreCheck, but are unsure if you will qualify, it is important to learn if your status will lead to an application denial. TSA PreCheck program refusals are the result of the following: providing fraudulent information when you apply for TSA PreCheck or having a criminal history that is deemed disqualifying by TSA.

TSA PreCheck Application Falsification

When you apply for TSA PreCheck program benefits, you must ensure that all of the information on your official application form is correct and valid. The Transportation Security Administration treats the TSA PreCheck application process like any other government procedure (like applying for a U.S. passport or requesting a Social Security card). Therefore, TSA PreCheck approval is only awarded to traveling candidates that provide truthful information. Reasons your travel pre-check application form may be denied due to falsification include:

  • Providing fake government identification documents, such as:
    • U.S. passports
    • State driver's licenses
    • Tribal cards
    • Birth certificates with state seals
  • Fabricating the details on your TSA PreCheck application, some of which include:
    • Your full legal name
    • Your date of birth
    • Your citizenship information (country of birth, city and state of birth, country of citizenship)
    • Failure to provide any other legal names or aliases you operate under
    • Current and past mailing/residential address information

Criminal Offenses That Prohibit TSA PreCheck Enrollment

If you are a TSA PreCheck program applicant with a criminal history, or if you pled guilty ("no contest" included), were found not guilty by reason of insanity or were convicted of felonious activities, your TSA PreCheck application will be disqualified, regardless of when the charge occurred. The felonies and charges (or relative attempts and conspiracies) listed below are non-negotiable in determining your TSA PreCheck status and will result in your denial:

  • The commitment and/or conspiracy to commit treason
  • The commitment and/or conspiracy to commit sedition
  • The commitment and/or conspiracy to commit espionage
  • The commitment and/or conspiracy to commit a federal act of terrorism
  • A transportation security incident-related crime
  • Unlawful incidents and threats regarding explosives, explosive devices and other lethal devices
  • The act of improperly transporting hazardous materials
  • Any violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act
  • The act of murder

TSA Fast Pass Application Appeals

If your TSA PreCheck status is denied, you can undergo an appeals process. The TSA PreCheck program appeals process will take time and may be an added expense. To petition your TSA PreCheck application disqualification, you must first request an appeal form from your local TSA PreCheck enrollment center. If you believe your case warrants representation, consider hiring a lawyer to handle your appeal with the Transportation Security Administration on your behalf.