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Our team has compiled all the information you need to get TSA PreCheck-approved in one easy-to-use guide. For $23.98, you'll get all the details you need to breeze through the application and screening processes, and you'll get access to rewards and travel coupons.

The TSA Precheck Interview Process

The TSA PreCheck application procedures are extensive, and for good reason. TSA PreCheck program members must first meet eligibility requirements in order for any application to be valid and accepted. After filing the necessary airport application forms online, a TSA PreCheck appointment is scheduled at a Transportation Security Administration enrollment center office nearest you. An in-person TSA PreCheck interview is then conducted as part of the application process. Below, review more information on:

  • How a TSA PreCheck interview is conducted.
  • What documents to bring to a TSA PreCheck appointment.

What happens at a TSA PreCheck interview?

Once your TSA PreCheck application has been completed online, you must then find your nearest TSA PreCheck enrollment center. There are TSA PreCheck requirements that must be met in person, even though you can start your expedited airport security membership paperwork online. Note that a TSA PreCheck interview must be scheduled within 120 days of your application submission in order for it to remain valid. If not, the TSA PreCheck program forms will need to be resubmitted.

When you schedule a TSA PreCheck appointment, there are several items that will be addressed:

  1. Identity verification – You will visit the TSA PreCheck enrollment center in order to confirm that you are who you say you are on your travel pre-check paperwork, as well as on the requested forms of government ID.
  2. Application confirmation – When you sit down to speak with a TSA Pre-Check agent, you may be asked the same questions you have already answered on your online paperwork. The purpose of this exercise is to determine the validity of the information provided.
  3. Background check – The TSA worker conducting your interview will proceed with running a background check in your presence to go over any issues that may conflict with the Transportation Security Administration's eligibility rules for pre-check passengers.
  4. Giving fingerprints – Just as you are asked to give fingerprints at the DMV, TSA will also request this from you. Fingerprints are yet another way of confirming your identity, which has been previously recorded with the U.S. government.

Your TSA PreCheck interview will take less than 30 minutes' time, so plan accordingly. In addition, you must make a TSA PreCheck appointment ahead of time, or else you are subject to wait times, as potential candidates with scheduled visits have first priority.

Items to Bring to TSA PreCheck Appointments

As part of your TSA PreCheck application, you were previously asked if you were in possession of one of several forms of government ID. As your TSA PreCheck appointment approaches, be sure to bring one or more of the following items with you, in order to confirm your identity:

  • U.S. passport
  • Certified U.S. birth certificate, with state seal
  • Enhanced driver's license
  • Tribal card
  • Free and Secure Trade card

In addition, TSA PreCheck approval also requires confirmation of your citizenship, as requested by TSA. In order to proceed with the TSA PreCheck program interview, have documents handy to prove your legal status in the country, whether you are a U.S. citizen, a U.S. national or a lawful permanent resident.

Lastly, bring the TSA PreCheck cost of $85 to the enrollment center (in the form of a check, a money order or a credit card) for payment of your five-year travel pre-check membership.